Wed. Apr 1st, 2020

Noname – Telefone (Full Album)

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♫ Noname ♫


Track List:
0:00 – Noname – Yesterday
3:09 – Noname – Sunny Duet (w/ theMIND)
5:52 – Noname – Diddy Bop (ft. Raury & Cam O’bi)
9:20 – Noname – All I Need (ft. Xavier Omär)
13:20 – Noname – Reality Check (ft. Eryn Allen Kane & Akenya)
16:23 – Noname – Freedom Interlude
19:42 – Noname – Casket Pretty
21:33 – Noname – Forever (ft. Ravyn Lenae & Joseph Chilliams)
25:12 – Noname – Bye Bye Baby
28:01 – Noname – Shadow Man (ft. Saba, Smino & Phoelix)

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50 thoughts on “Noname – Telefone (Full Album)

  1. Give a fuck you cannot avoid her similarities to chance bro yeah she nice but as soon as you hear hear you can’t help but hear chance the rapper flow in there

  2. I loved hearing "Reality Check" in the moive US… Since so many people are sleeping on NONAME it felt really personal when I heard it. Nice little gem.

  3. Her music makes me think of every classic melanated female lead in blk culture movies shows politics forbes and natural hair-care youtubers goddamn

  4. She reminds me of chance the rapper. A female virgin. She spit stories clearly. And her style!👂💞💎👌🎀👑

  5. I first heard one of her songs in german, how should I say, B-Radio if y'all know what I mean. They never mentioned the artist, so I went searching by the lyrics of the song, which was Reality Check. I have now listened to some songs and I must say I love it. Keep doing what ya do gurl <3

  6. Absolutely nothing wrong with being compared to another artist. It doesn't hold them back. Jesus. Get over it already. It happens to all the best until it no longer happens anymore. Every artist that started off being compared goes through that phase until ppl truly recognize they have their own lane. I don't mean to be rude but I feel like those who call themselves feminists feel like that have to defend her. I bet you if you asked this artist…. whom I just discovered by CHANCE (sorry I had to do it), if she gave a rip about being compared to the likes of chance she'd be glad to be so. It happens to them all. Like I said until IT NO LONGER HAPPENS. It's a natural progression. Let her defend herself. The minute I heard her…
    Im gonna say if..She sounded like a female version of Chance, who just so happens to be a man. Yall try to make everything about some man trying to hold down a woman. From my perspective, this ain't that. Now back to this truly dope music I'm hearing which a real decent person I know referred me too. Im delighted to share it with someone else who loves good music because it stands on its own. Peace!

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